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How It Works


Every person leaves with something tangible they made and a smile on their face saying, "That was fun"!

Is your organization planning an event for a specific holiday or would you like to incentivize your residents to renew their leases with an evening soiree?  Or maybe you'd like to boost the morale of your office staff, well how about a beautiful build-your-own-bouquet bar in your staff lounge as a lovely surprise?

DIY's and Flowers are a simple and effective way to bring people together and create a positive vibe for your brand.

Step 1: Pick your DIY and quantity.

Step 2: Pick your event type...Lobby Bar, Hands on Workshop or To-Go Boxes. A QR code will be displayed on site directly leading to an eye-catching how-to video making this experience very visual friendly and welcoming to communities that may speak a variety of languages! 

Step 3: That's literally it! My team will take it from here.


We are the Original Mobile DIY Bar in Orlando, founded by Stefaney Rants, National TV home, lifestyle and crafting expert. Our DIYs are ON-TREND. These are takeaways that are popular on social media, in home/decor or on Pinterest/Etsy.

Our setup is aesthetically pleasing and doubles as a social media backdrop. Many of our clients see a boost on social media tagging because the DIY  and experience are Instagram-worthy. We also add your handle day-of on signage and help promote the event prior. 

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