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Commercial Insurance

A Host of Things, LLC is commercially insured.

Please inquire for details.

A Host of Things, LLC is currently NetVendor approved.

If your community or corporation uses an different vendor systyem, A Host of Things will happily apply.


All payments must be made within 1 week of service or will incur 20% late fee.

Invoices paid by credit card are subject to 3.5% fee.

Florida taxes will be applied separately at 6.5%.


Accepted payments include ACH, Check, Credit Card.


All DIYs and materials are primarily for adults.

Children who participate must be supervised by their adult guardians.

Many supplies are small and choking hazards for anyone under 5 years of age.

Some tools and supplies might cause harm including scissors, points, hot glue and other sharp objects.

Craft and Make at your own risk and responsibility.

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