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Lobby Bars- our most popular!

We still set up an aesthetically beautiful DIY Bar or Floral Bar in your lobby for 24 hours.  It will include all elements for your guests to create a little project in a few minutes at their convenience. You can announce on social media to come down to the lobby throughout the day to make a complimentary floral bouquet and grab a few treats.  This is also a great option if you're hosting a dedicated 2 hour party and want everyone to make the project during the event.  

-24 hours

-DIY Bar or Floral Bar

-Clean (DIYs will not have glitter and will be easy to clean)

-Self-Serve (Displayed QR code linked to step-by-step video make this language-friendly and self-sufficient)

-Just choose your DIY from our DIY Catalog and Book Today!

A few snapshots of our work

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